[a ministry of Loma Linda University Church]

Our mission is to grow little hearts for Jesus each and every day. We strive to be intentional about showing Jesus' love to each other in our community. Understanding the Bible through worship and stories is important to us too,

That's why we think these resource books more than... FISHY CRACKERS and more than... BALLOONS will be helpful to you as you work with children to foster that love for Jesus.



Loma Linda University Church is a big, loving, accepting church full of people just like you trying to do this thing called life the best we can. You’ll find a wide variety of engaging services and programs with powerful music and relatable, practical messages for all ages. We have a welcoming and loving mix of people in culture, age, and music. We might not all agree on everything but we do believe we are better together and that there is a God who loves you. Come visit! We’d love to get to know you.